Le Cimetière Marin

“The red clay has swallowed the white kind”
Le Cimetière Marin by Paul Valéry

The title of my installation, Le Cimetière Marin (Cemetery by the Sea) takes its name from the French poem and the cemetery in the south of France. Paul Valèry wrote his epic poem in the same place where he was buried. He wrote about vicissitudes of a creative life within the framework of a cemetery and the disorder of nature. He considered the sea, the wind and the stones. I visited the cemetery several times and I responded by building my own stones and dog symbolism. My stones are constructs of tombstones and of the wild and solitary standing stones found throughout Europe. The red dogs are guardians and are inspired by red clay urns that guard the entrances of tombs; they are guardians as well as companions.

You and Your Nativity

You and Your Nativity is an installation created for an 11th century church in Marnay-sur-Seine, France. Inspired by the architecture and by sculptures in church’s crèche, I developed a series of interactions between the personalities of the nativity and my drawings. The three kings, the animals, Joseph and Mary were each coupled with a drawing and then situated throughout the church. For example, Balthasar is walking down a red carpet, Melchior responds to a drawing of naked women, a cow examines an image of blood spilling and Joseph admires his reflection in a pond.

Details of Drawings

These drawings were installed in the church, and many of them were coupled with the sculptures in You and Your Nativity. Others were installed as singles on the pews.